Summer Music Programs

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Perks Of The LSM Private Lesson Program
(FREE for LSM private lesson students. $30 per class for non-LSM students)

Monthly Performance Workshop
Once a month on Saturday at 2pm
Workshops provide an opportunity to gain experience performing in front of an audience while learning proper stage etiquette, and developing a sense of self-confidence in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. All LSM students are welcome to participate!Guided Practice Sessions

Guided sessions are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 3pm-7pm.
These sessions provide piano students with the opportunity to have focused practice time at our school. LSM piano students can sign-up for one 30 minute slot per week (4 per a month). Each session is guided by LSM staff with a maximum of 5 students per group.

Weekly Vocal Departmental Class
Thursdays at 6:15pm, 45 minutes
Reinforce materials learned in private lessons, and develop essential musical tools such as sight-singing, solfege, ensemble skills, music theory fundamentals, and audition technique. All voice students are invited and encouraged to attend.

Weekly Guitar Ensemble
Mondays at 5pm for beginner & 6pm for intermediate, 45 minutes
Great opportunity for students to gain valuable experience playing in a group setting. Designed to supplement weekly private lessons, group classes motivate students to practice, and encourage growth. All guitar students are invited and encouraged to attend.

Program For Homeschool Students

Thursdays at 2pm

Classes are 60 minutes in length and run for 12 weeks. All students will have the opportunity to participate in an end of term performance. Tuition is $390 ($190 for current students).

Every well-round musician balances their study of music theory and history and develops their unique individual and ensemble musicianship in practice and performance. Join the homeschool music program in their study of music theory and history, ensemble practice as well as personal music study. Using the Royal Conservatory’s Music theory books, students learn note-reading, rhythm and more advanced theory concepts. Students are given the opportunity to take the RCM theory certification exam at the end of the year.

During music ensemble time, students have the choice to pick voice, piano or guitar. We will work together to artistically collaborate to produce a final performance applying the knowledge and skills learned in music theory and history portion of the class.

Music Theory Group Classes

All levels of music theory offered are suitable for pianists, vocalists, and guitarists. Classes are 45 minutes in length and run for ten weeks. Tuition is $390 ($190 for current students).

Children’s Theory

Tuesdays at 4:30pm beginning September 17th

Specifically designed for young musicians ages 5-8, excellent for any beginner student. Using Mark Sarnecki’s Elementary Music Theory the semester of study will cover essential topics such as: the keyboard, grand staff, basic note reading, rhythm and music history. Group participation and active learning is facilitated through classroom games, online resources, and group class work.

Music Theory I

Tuesdays at 5:30pm beginning September 17th

Continues study from Elementary Music Theory by Sarnecki. Combing Books 2 and 3 of the series, this course focuses on note and rhythm reading while exploring more complex topics like half-steps/accidentals, intervals, major scales, chords, and music analysis. This course is designed for students ages 9 and up and is appropriate for beginner and slightly more experienced musicians.

Music Theory II

Tuesdays at 6:30pm beginning September 17th

A more advanced study in theory for experienced students or in preparation for RCM level 5 Theory exam. In addition to reviewing basic theory such as note reading, rhythm, and meter, this course continues study in key signatures, major and minor scales, music analysis, and transposition. A combination of group and individual work is used with the help of Sarnecki’s Music Theory Rudiments.

Royal Conservatory Program

Check out the Royal Conservatory Program.
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